Actors Vivien Cardone and Treat Williams embrace at the "Everwood" reunion panel at the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 2, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
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There were tears, laughter and quips on Wednesday as the cast of mid-2000s drama “Everwood” reunited to promote the show’s continued life on the CW’s streaming service, CW Seed.

The series, which ran on the WB network form 2002-06, began streaming there last month.

The WB became the CW in 2006 after it merged with UPN.

“Everwood” was a casualty of the new network’s formation, and the cast laughed when it was pointed out that it was the CW, presenting its new and existing programs as part of the Television Critics Association press tour, that brought them all back together.

“We’re all just are because we want an answer, I think,” Emily VanCamp joked.

The panel also included executive producer Greg Berlanti and Rina Mimoun, and actors Justin Baldoni (“Reid Bardem”), John Beasley (“Irv Harper”), Stephanie Niznik (“Nina Feeney”), Vivien Cardone (“Delia Brown”), Treat Williams (“Dr. Andy Brown”), Gregory Smith (“Ephram Brown”), Tom Amandes (“Dr. Harold Abbot”), and Debra Mooney (“Edna Harper”).

Missing was Chris Pratt, who finished filming “Jurassic World,” last month.

When asked for stories about working with the then future blockbuster star, Williams joked, “How much time you got?”

“I told him that he was going to be a star,” Beasley added. “He had all the qualities – great personality, he was a good-looking white boy. I had no idea he was going to be ‘Chris Pratt.’ But he’s just a great guy and deserves everything he gets.”

Cardone, who was only nine years old when the series started, was significantly younger than her castmates at the time. Now 24, the actress said, however, that she remembered a lot about the experience, especially the bond she shared with on-screen dad Williams.

Actors Gregory Smith (L) and Emily VanCamp of ''Everwood' speak onstage during the CW portion of the 2017 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 2, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.

“I’ll never forget when I first went [to film in Utah] – it was tough because my father had to stay in New York because he had his business there and I couldn’t see him a lot, and it was very, very difficult,” she said, her voice breaking. “And Treat came up to me and he said, ‘Listen, I know that it’s been hard; your dad is away and I’ll make a deal with you. My family is not with me either so if you promise to be my temporary daughter, I’ll be your temporary father.’ And that bond has stayed ever since.”

Cardone and Williams both teared up at the recollection and shared a hug on stage.

While Berlanti said “no one’s asked” for a reunion or revival, he made clear that the close-knit cast would “all love to work together again.”

“Everwood” is streaming now on CW Seed.