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The Trump administration is planning to hold off releasing the political portion of its Israeli-Palestinian peace plan until after the Israeli elections and after Israel forms a new government, according to two sources familiar with the thinking of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner and White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, who are leading the administration’s effort.

The administration does not want the political part of its plan to become an issue for the Israeli elections, explains one of the sources. Both sources have talked with the Kushner-Greenblatt team recently, following team Netanyahu’s inability to form a coalition last month.

Greenblatt, in an piece published on CNN’s website Sunday, said the Israeli elections could affect timing, writing, “We know there is no perfect time, and we won’t pretend that the Israeli elections might not have an impact on that timing.”

Axios reported that Greenblatt told a conference hosted by the Jerusalem Post that the administration is leaning toward holding off on releasing the political portion of the plan until Israel forms a new government.

Kushner and the team, the two sources say, are still planning to reveal at least parts of the economic portion of the plan at the end of the month at a workshop in Bahrain. It’s unclear if they will reveal the economic plan in its entity.

There are Palestinian leaders who say the Trump administration is trying to buy the Palestinian people, in revealing their economic plan first.

One of the sources explains that Kushner and Greenblatt see the two as going “in conjunction” with each other and they know after the political plan comes out, that is where the focus will be.

Greenblatt wrote Sunday, “We fully recognize that our economic plan cannot be successful without a political agreement, just as a political agreement would have little chance without an effective economic plan. The elements of the conflict must be dealt with to unlock the incredible potential of the Palestinian and regional economy.”