Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask  sleep week

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Frequent travelers know that sleep masks can work wonders for solid, uninterrupted zzz’s. Whether you’re on the road or your typical sleep schedule that doesn’t neatly align with sunup and sundown, blocking out the light around your eyes assures a super-dark environment for drifting off with ease.

Our favorite sleep mask is super soft against your skin, thanks to its wraparound cotton construction, plus it comes with a handy travel pouch for simple carry-on stowage. The ergonomic design of the Mavogel sleep mask contours to your facial shape without abrasion or rubbing — and it has a special bending cartilage design so it tucks up against your nose.

Right now during Sleep Week, you can get a mask for over half off at Amazon, so it’s worth picking up a few at this low price. Choose from the heather gray or black colors (your choice — they’re just a 50-cent difference) for enviable comfort at a deeply discounted price.

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Our favorite sleep mask blocks out every bit of light, ensuring a pitch-black sleeping environment. Get it before the sale ends over at Amazon.